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While BioCache offers many reasons for our clients’ peace of mind, none are more compelling than our team.

With deep experience in both public and private healthcare, our team balances commercial sense of urgency with due diligence and attention to detail. This goes beyond the management team, to also include our Board of Directors, and advisors; all of whom share our vision and values.

Carl Schubert, MBA
Founder and President

Carl has over 30 years of experience in both public and private healthcare, including most recently, several years at a leading Canadian research hospital. He believes that ethically managed companies such as BioCache can play an essential role in the healthcare system.

Dr. George Charames, PhD, DABMGG, FACMG
Chief Operating Officer

George’s more than 20 years of experience in both clinical and research-based laboratory medicine is one of BioCache’s strongest assets. George is a board-certified clinical molecular geneticist and an Associate Professor in the Department of Lab Medicine and Pathobiology, Temerty Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto.

Dr. Susan Camilleri, DVM, DVSc
Chief Client Service Officer

BioCache’s service is not limited to human specimens. Susan’s background as a veterinary pathologist and researcher is unique and brings yet another essential level of expertise to BioCache. Her high level of clinical and research expertise is matched only by her friendly demeanor and professionalism.

Mark Bastin
Chief Administrative & Privacy Officer

Mark is a highly seasoned business executive with a bias for client advocacy and a deep understanding of nurturing start-ups. Mark recognizes the importance of building a strong foundation of robust business systems, positive culture, and strong working relationships.

Dr. Trevor McKee, PhD
Chief Scientific Officer

With a PhD in Bioengineering from MIT and research experience at Harvard Medical School, Trevor's qualifications far exceed the norm. With time at both UHN and in industry, Trevor also has a deep understanding of both public and private healthcare. He has an appointment as an adjunct lecturer at the department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology at the University of Toronto

Bill Henneberry, B.Sc
Chief Technology Officer

Bill brings 30+ years of experience in data centre design and construction, operations, telecom fibre/wireless projects and IT (hardware and software) migration projects. Bill develops and manages information system security policies and procedures to the highest data centre standards (SOC2 Type 2 and PCI).

Mona Reid, MLT
Lead Technologist

Mona has over 30 years of experience in medical labs, handling biological specimens on behalf off patients and industry clients alike. Mona has earned a strong reputation for high quality standards and attention to detail.


The BioCache Board of Directors provides more than fiduciary oversight to BioCache management. Board members are routinely engaged on complex or high stakes decisions, and provide guidance on strategic matters.

Carl Schubert, MBA

Carl has over 30 years of experience in both public and private healthcare, including most recently, several years at a leading Canadian research hospital. He believes that ethically managed companies such as BioCache can play an essential role in the healthcare system.

Lisa Harrison, BA, ICD.D.

With a strong background of leading managed change and growth in a variety of industries, Lisa’s calm and positive guidance is a foundational element of the BioCache DNA. Lisa recently retired as Chief Operating Officer and Global Privacy Officer for Alimentiv, a dynamic Contract Research Organization.

Dr, Andrew Haller, PhD

The strength of Andrew’s background as a recognized and published researcher at the Princess Margaret Cancer Center is exceeded only by his uncanny commercial sense and pragmatic approach to business. Andrew is currently Entrepreneur in Residence for the University of Toronto’s Medicine By Design program, and has an appointment within the Faculty of Medicine.

Rawn Lakhan, MA, BA

Rawn runs a successful investment bank (Meadowbank Asset Management) that supports an array of innovative healthcare companies. Rawn personally sits on the board of several companies and as such brings deep experience in ensuring that companies function ethically and efficiently.


Best-in-class biospecimen care requires the nuanced insight of experts.

Heidi Wagner, BSc
Hospital Advisory Board Leader

Drawing on her background as the Head of biospecimen storage at UHN, Heidi leads a group of similar hospital executives from across Ontario to help BioCache better create real world solutions for the complex public healthcare environment.

Joanne Bishop, MLT, BA
Quality Assurance Lead

With over 40 years of experience in quality assurance, Joanne is uniquely qualified to ensure that every business process within BioCache is appropriately documented and auditable. Joanne leads the BioCache accreditation program for the achievement of both CAP (College of American Pathologists) and CTRNet (Canadian Tissue Repository Network).

Joe Auty, BSc
IT/Data Management

The data management element of BioCache’s operations is not a minor detail. Joe guides decisions on privacy, including compliance with PHIPA (Personal Health Information Protection Act), data structures, and security.

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